Welcome, pups!

Recently Oatland received 4 new grey wolf pups – 3 males and 1 female. Five weeks old, the pups are just starting to become curious – running, splashing in water, and chewing on everything! They’ve recently started their “grown-up diet” – no more formula, they’re on to meat now!

While it will be many months before the pups will join our pack on exhibit, you can still meet one at our Summer Animal Encounter Series every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1:30pm, all through June and July. Program admission is $2 + regular admission price; proceeds go towards the care of the wolf pups. wolf pup 5172016


One thought on “Welcome, pups!

  1. Wish I could meet them. Just came back from Tybee last week. Maybe I’ll see them when they grow up with their new friends 🙂


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