The First Meeting [Photos]

Last week the pups had their first “field trip” to the wolf enclosure. This marked the first time the pups had been in close proximity to our current pack. We first let them sniff each other in an off-exhibit holding area through fencing (photo on the left). We saw only positive interactions so we moved forward with the introduction and allowed our alpha male, Tundra, into the holding area to meet the pups. He was a little overwhelmed by all the rambunctious energy, but overall everything went very well!

The pups will continue to be kept in a secure off-exhibit location, but we will supervise visits with the adult wolves periodically.


The Pups Venture Out [Photos]

The pups are now 7 weeks old, and beginning to grow curious about the world around them. While they are kept in a secure indoor location most of the time, they do get supervised outdoor time. The brown pup here has been eyeing this pond for awhile. Over the weekend he finally mustered the courage to venture in… with muddy results. He loved it, and loved his post-romp bath just as much. All four pups are beginning to develop a real love of water; once they’ve grown up enough for the wolf exhibit, they should have tons of fun in that pond!